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Life Force = YOGA + Chakras ACTIVATION & Kundalini AWAKEN = PRANA MUDRA


 “PRANA MUDRA “ :: activates the ROOT Chakra :: MUDLAHARA : from the Sanskrit, prana, meaning “life force” or “energy,” and mudra, meaning “gesture” or “seal.” :: emerged from a desire to create a community sanctuary for authentic inner connection for anyone seeking healing  and “Life Force”  regeneration using VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPIES, MEDITATION, YOGA and Massage. 

PRANA MUDRA CENTER  is alternative holistic workshops hold in a private space and pen only during the events

We offer combined healing methods to elevate mind and body awareness and achieve energetic balance, reduce stress and anxiety diseases, restore inner peace , better sleep and renewed vitality as you age.  CHECK OUR WELLNESS MENU PAGE FOR DETAILS ON ALL SERVICES OFFERED 



Researchers have found that yoga outperformed aerobic exercise at improving balance, flexibility, strength,  generating sustained daily energy levels and elevate the ability to function harmoniously  more about yoga and anti-aging https://www.yogajournal.com/yoga-101/15-anti-aging-health-benefits-of-yoga


 High frequency sounds can measurably affect brainwave activity and boost the immune system.  Gongs and Crystal bowls are tuned to notes that stimulate the Alpha and Theta brain waves, so we get heightened creativity, exceptional insights, enhanced memory and elevated brain performance among other benefits. CHECK WORKSHOPS PAGE TO FIND OUT MORE OR BUY TICKETS 



Scott Bailey RYT 279627* Vinyasa Yoga & Sound Energy Therapies



As many other teachers , I started practicIng yoga only looking at the more physical aspects of Hatha.  The more time I spent on the mat  the more I saw my practice progressively evolve into becoming a series of moving meditations.  I experienced  more life balance, greater foucus and self discipline as well as an awakened  heart and compassion.  Later in my life the Universe confronted me with a period of deep loss and dealing with serious illness ( cancer ).  Both were motivators to make me commit to lifestyle changes and lead me into a new path as a yoga teacher which started by enrolling in a NYC YTT with my first inspirational teacher Rodney Yee.  

I am trained in Vinyasa style yoga that is alignment based,  what at times can be quite challenging but I always allow my students custom modifications making it attainable to all levels . 

I  also practice Yoga Sound Healing Therapies to awaken and balance Chakra and Kundalini energies,  using cosmic vibrational instruments such as gongs and crystal bowls. I made my signature as a teacher  to offer  ”sound meditation“  in all my classes and during “Sound  Bath workshops” . I hope I can reflect high positivity and excitement to my students in their daily practice and show yoga as a source of universal connectivity. Yoga is for everyone and there are many different paths Each of us should always turn within to create more self care and self love. As a result our world would be a kinder and giving place to live in. ::———————————————————-

Scott teaches iyengar alignment style Vinyasa yoga and his classes incorporate  elements of meditation aiming at having students connect to more a spiritual side of yoga. His Sound healing practice started shortly after experiencing the genius work of Shamanic Sound Healer and later mentor John Shambhu Eustor from Sapphire Holistic Center in Nj . In 2018, Scott founded Prana Mudra Center in Red Bank New Jersey  offering Yoga and  Chakra Sound Bath as weekly practice and at offsite workshops to studios and various events .  As of today , Scott has become a "pioneer " bringing  sound healing to NJ shore community and  his powerful and carefully crafted experiences are used to support self-inquiry, cultivate deep relaxation, inspire meaningful connection and allow  transformation.

Teaching Yoga  Hot and Soul , NJ , Colts Neck  & Middletown  : YMCA Red Bank , NJ (2016-2017) Power Yoga , Middletown NJ

Prana Mudra Workshops  Red Bank NJ "Let Go" Garden Flow Yoga & Sunday Chakras Sound Journey  

18-19 NewYearsEve   “ BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS “ collective workshop @ Center for Heath and Healing Toms River NJ

Resort Workshops "14 days yoga and sound healing intensive" Yoga Shala Petit Hotel Tulum , Mexico
Studio SOUND Workshops  POWER YOGA , Middletown NJ'; ANANDA ASHRAM, Monroe, NY; SAMADHI Yoga Shala , Nutley NJ ;

Patricia Bessa NJ LMT #18KT01320900* Massage :: Communications :: Social Media


My mind body connection hit a low point after 20 years of NYC lifestyle where I often ignored my needs for authentic alignment.  My journey into "wellness "  included  a recovery -detox process from people ,places and things  and training in Integrative Nutrition finally  transitioning out of NYC into  a BodyWork Massage Therapy in NJ. 

I opened Prana Mudra Center in 2018 with my partner Scott Bailey as reflection of our commitment to holistic transformation and leading mindful  healthy lifestyles . 

Living with a yoga teacher made more aware how to use massage to help yogis increase flexibly for asanas, address discomfort  in  common overuse area such as 

wrist joints, shoulders, hamstrings and hips flexors. 

The YM ( Yoga Massage) starts with sacral decompression and combines Swedish, Deep TIssue, Trigger Point as well  stretching techniques designed to remove adhesions and restrictions improving joints range of motion, muscle elasticity, promote  lymphatic drainage  & better circulation.

Institute For Therapeutic Massage, Tinton Falls, NJ 2017-2018  

  • Private practice
  • Woodhouse Spa in Red Bank NJ


  • Swedish massage 
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Sports massage
  • Reflexology
  • Chair massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (METs)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2016/ 2017 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach  


SOUND Therapies Gongs Bath