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All programs require a 25% non refundable deposit for secure booking

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Corporate Wellness

At Bayshore Meridian Hackensack Hospital December 2018

Bringing Mindfulness and Self Care  to the Workplace

You’ve invested in your team with great care and you want them to reach their full potential. Prana Mudra Sound Bath brings 

the benefits of focused vibrational mindfulness in to your workplace to alleviate stress, enhance wellbeing and promote positive, profound results amongst your organization. 

CHAIR MASSAGE can be added to the program 

  • Emploee  appreciation events...
  • Holiday parties... 
  • Product launches. ... 
  • Conferences. ... 
  • Charity events. ... 
  • Team-building events. ... 
  • Board meetings...

Our culture and society continues to recognize the importance of health, wellness, mindfulness and holistic practices in their everyday lives as well as the workplace. We provide Sound Bath healing  to your work force and executives to improve focus and creativity and communication as well as increase productivity and peace of mind.  

  • Build awareness of self and environment
  • Develop stronger working relationships
  • Facilitate compassionate communication
  • The ability to quiet the mind
  • Release of undesirable thought structures and habits
  • Considerable diminishment of anxiety and depression
  • Access to inner peace and calm
  • Increased self-confidence and ability to connect to others
  • Enhanced ability to listen and pay greater attention to details
  • Sound Bath - up to 4 hours in 30- 45-60 minute increments of time to work for larger groups offering an deeply immersive sonic sound experience. Participants lie down with a blanket, pillow, and eye pillow to relax while listening to the soothing sounds of gongs , crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, and various overtone emitting instruments.  


Studio Workshops & Private Wellness


Bringing Energy Balance to Weddings -B’days -Anniversaries - Showers 

Specially curated WORKSHOPS at Yoga studios 

You an your guests will be taken on a heart opening journey through sound and the senses to illuminate your soul..

Experience intuitive massage. Melt into a unique fusion of healing high frequencies from sonic gongs, chimes,  bowls  and beyond, that will release endorphins, contribute to cellular regeneration and soothing, meditative states…

If you love yoga, spirituality, healing vibrational energies there' s nothing like adding a Chakra Sound Bath  session with crystal bowls to your private event as the perfect wellness gift to you and your guests....or maybe you prefer to have a intimate restorative sound bath with just your closest friends before the big day ? 

CHAIR MASSAGE can be added to the program 


All programs require a 25% non refundable deposit to secure booking 


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